Meet Dr. V. Powers

Dr. V. Powers D.O.

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Meet Dr. V. Powers

Hi there!

Why do a blog? You know when you’ve found something that’s so exciting, that you’re just bursting to tell someone? Well, that’s at base what this is about – letting you in on the secrets of good health and working with what blocks us from getting there. And what drives me is, not only do I delight in people getting excited about their creative health hacks, but doing this blog makes me accountable to myself.

My goal is to push me past my comfort zone finding out answers. I want to speak with those in the field, connect the dots on data and determine what others are doing to thrive in this world, while keeping costs and time commitments down. I want to let you in behind the scenes at what I’ve seen and experienced over my 20+yrs experience as a physician in the medical field in a variety of settings: family medicine/geriatrics – check, urgent care — got it, prison medicine – yep, military contract doc – roger that, visiting physician – done.

Urgent care, Prison medicine, Military contract, Visiting Physician…

I want to bring all this data and turn it into something organized and meaningful. And with anything I offer, it’s up to you to decide if any of it is helpful to you at this time. Take what you want, ignore what you don’t. I’ve been far from perfect. Which is probably why I get so excited by tricks that make things easier. I can have a massive sweet tooth if I turn that “switch’ on. I’ve eaten the whole pint of ice cream or half pizza in one sitting. But I’ve learned how to turn off this crazy Tasmanian Devil eating machine and get the good stuff in. After 20 years of telling myself I’m going to make healthy changes, I’m finally doing it while eating amazing food, flavors and feeling FULL. So, what changed?

I’m dong it for someone else. It began with a sold-out talk at my local library. That sounds cute and small, but this was nothing of the sort. Our Parma library in Ohio has a 400 person auditorium and 60 person simulcast room. I squeaked in with one of the last tickets to that room. The author, Gretchen Rubin, was adorable, down to earth and had the good stuff. I call “good stuff” practical, easy to implement ideas that you can use literally that day. And I did.

I found what motivates me. Her book, “The Four Tendencies” clued me into my tendency, an “Obliger.” This is the most common tendency; it’s easier to do things for others. (I strongly encourage you to look yours up at I’ve been married to a Rebel for 20 years who fits my awkward/quirky heart perfectly and was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) with a side order of dystonia four years ago. I read about Dr. Terry Wahl’s in a sliver of an AARP newsletter insert describing how she managed and thrived despite a Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. I looked at my spouse after telling her about Wahl’s and said “we could change things; are you in?” 3 weeks later, we were flying out to Iowa for the Wahl’s conference, came home, revamped the pantry and I became Wahl’s protocol certified later that year. I can do things for others that I wouldn’t do for myself. And that’s how things changed.

That’s why you reach for health to feel happier


Unbridled excitement does not usually accompany numbers.  I’m not calling up everyone in my universe shouting, OMG my blood pressure was 132/86!!  I don’t scream about cholesterol levels or hemoglobin A1c.  But lots of us get a boost out of completing a meaningful event. I was recently exposed to this idea by Dr. Terry Wahl, whom I call a graduate of the hard knocks school of “change your life or else.” 

What she recommends is to Make a Goal that’s Physical. Yours might be, I want to be able to go on this hike and see amazing mind-blowing views, play with my kids for 15 minutes straight or in my case complete a 5k run mindfully with good technique and not feel like crap. The last from a formerly self-avowed non-runner, me. Essentially any physical goal that excites you counts. A-n-y thing that brings your body a rush of “I did it!” Things that make you think, that would be so cool if… That’s why you reach for health – to feel happier being in this body we live in, which is our current shell if you will. And unlike hermit crabs or cyborgs, we can’t just take out a slithery little innards and insert into a new casing. But, feeling better is faster than you think. So, lets start this journey!